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Intro to Martial Arts. Fun, high energy classes. We teach age-appropriate: Lots of activities like running, jumping, obstacle course, animal walks, red light/green/light, etc. Strong emphasis on basic blocks, punches, and kicks. Tons of positive reinforcement: praising them for what they do right and not focusing on what they did wrong. Laying a strong foundation for more serious training in the future.
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What Martial Arts Will Do For Your Child
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    Knowing that you can stand up to a bully and defend yourself is more than a confidence builder: It can change how a child approaches life in general, confident and without fear. In addition, the belt system gives a child measurable goals that are realistic to attain, and as their skills increase, so does the status and respect they receive from their fellow students. The sense of accomplishment a child feels by mastering a technique or graduating to a new belt follows them everywhere they go.


    Respect is the foundation of a healthy student – teacher relationship. A student who respects his teacher will listen attentively, follow instructions and be willing to let his teacher push him/her to new heights of personal fitness and skill. Respect is an integral part of Martial Art tradition. Bowing, standing at attention, sitting properly, and showing effort are constantly re-enforced to create a respectful, healthy learning environment. But respect is earned: A good teacher must be knowledgeable, patient and must truly care about his students. We press upon our students to show respect to self, parents, teachers, family, community and their peers at every opportunity.


    One of the most obvious benefits of Martial Arts is physical fitness. Martial arts training will improve a child's cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, reflexes, agility, coordination, and flexibility. In addition, we incorporate basic strength & conditioning (Jumping Jacks, Wind Sprints, Push ups, pull ups, planks, back raises, wall sits, stretching, etc.) into every single class we teach.


    The discipline that is taught in the Dojo in regards to dress code, rules of conduct and training often translates into other areas of life, including school and household chores.


    The ability to defend yourself against an assailant is at the heart of every Martial Art: It is the reason why they were created in the first place. Martial Arts gives you the tools to defend yourself, but also helps you to think about the best course of action: Anticipating and avoiding potential danger, resolving conflict verbally and walking away with confidence. The training will build up the reflexes you need should you be in a dangerous situation, and give you the confidence to stand up for yourself and fight back if needed.

Personal Development: The foundation of our morals, values and core character traits are formed in our earlier years. For this reason, martial arts training with it's emphasis on personal excellence, humility, integrity and nonviolence and it's strong moral core is an essential way to enhance the growth and personal development of children of all ages.
We Teach the Same Values At Our School That You Teach At Your Home.

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"I have been training at New England Martial Arts with Ben since 2004. He does not teach just one specific style of self-defense he want you to become a well rounded martial artist no matter the age group. I Highly recommend you stop by no matter what your skill level is check the school out and take the class! You’ll be happy you did!!!" –Steven D.
"I highly recommend NEMA, Mr Ben teaches kids basic self defense and discipline. He is engaged with all the kids and pays attention. He encourage them to work hard and give it all their best at all time." –Annabel Lats
"I went from white belt to second degree black belt at this school very recommended great teacher gym and atmosphere" –Anthony J Zarrella
"We would highly recommend Ben and school. Our oldest kid has been trainning there for over 9 years. Our other child has been training here for 3 years now. We had them start when they where 7." –Susie Morgan
"The instructor (Mr. Ben) provides a disciplined environment for students. He is easily able to work with students with varying abilities. Kids are in a safe, calm and disciplined environment that encourages their development. I highly recommend N.E.M.A!!" –Kiki Lats
"I am currently taking kickboxing lessons with Ben, he is highly knowledgeable, very patient and offers a friendly atmosphere for learning. I love the fact that he incorporates warm up exercises and stretches before each session. I can tell that my reflexes and coordination skills are improving, my body is more toned and am always burning mega calories during each session! I highly recommend this place, the best in Stoughton !" –Cecili Bk.
"I am very impressed with the school. Ben is a very professional instructor, and you can tell cares about each individual student. Each lesson he has taught has been focused on discipline and self improvement. I would recommend New England Martial Arts to anyone who is interested in learning self defense and many other personal and physical skills." –Garrett McCormick
"I highly recommend New England Martial Arts. As a former student I can say it’s a great school and a friendly environment the Owner/Instructor Ben is an amazing teacher as well as friend and a very down to earth and knowledgeable guy. I have nothing but great things to say about him and his school! I wish I wasn’t so busy and still had the spare time to attend classes." –Stephen C. Stenstrom
"I have gone here since I was 2 till I was about 18 it’s a great place to learn self defense. it’s all around a great school!." –Alexander Stenstrom
"My son has been going since 2014. Really appreciate the instructor's patience and unique approach in teaching martial arts." –Eric Cousins
"This is an amazing School! I have learned so much and recommend it to everyone!!!!!" –Stefanos Kempouris
"Great school!. The instructor is great with kids and they learn a bunch of styles like boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do. The adults classes are also great. They break technique down very well and the atmosphere is very low key. So It's a very comfortable place to train." –Mat M.
"Best MMA training! I tried other martial arts, but I've learned more at NEMA in Stoughton than anywhere else. Working with Ben (teacher/instructor) has been a great experience filled with personal attention, patience, expertise, and laughter. Everyone in the school is friendly and helpful. Classes (which are never too large) are beginner-friendly for newcomers and challenging for more advanced students. There's also plenty of quality training equipment to use in class. I continue to enjoy practicing MMA, which includes many different styles of fighting (striking/blocking/groundwork/sparring and more) incorporated into one discipline, so there's always more to learn. Ben's approach to MMA includes mastering basic techniques in a low-stress environment, perfect for people who like to go at any pace, have support throughout, and enjoy a fun yet serious-about-learning setting. A very professional school... Highly recommended!" –Mike Piran
"I've studied a dozen martial arts on 3 continents and I can say with confidence they run a top notch program here. They're still one of my main reference points of my training. Good people, great atmosphere, professional instruction. Trust me, go, it's worth it." –Joe Gaylord
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2 Canton St. #A22, Stoughton, MA 02072
(Across from the Train Station in Stoughton Ctr.)

We have been proudly serving Stoughton, MA and the surrounding cities and towns since 2002.

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