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"Wouldn't You love..

- If Your child learned a reality-based martial art that actually works in self defense, along with  getting in shape, gaining confidence, having goals and learning how to accomplish them, while developing character traits like respect, humility, self discipline and determination?"

-Give us a try, You'll love what it will do for Your child!

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NOTE: Carleton University, in a study reported in Psychology Today, found that children in martial arts have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks; a higher sense of self-esteem; higher level of social intelligence; and were less likely to be radical.

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Little Dragons (4-6 Years):

Intro to Martial Arts. Fun, high energy classes. We teach age-appropriate: Lots of activities like running, jumping, obstacle course, animal walks, red light/green light, etc. Strong emphasis on basic blocks, punches and kicks. Tons of positive reinforcement: praising them for what they do right and not focusing on what they did wrong. Laying a strong foundation for more serious training in the future.

Junior Dragons (7-12 Years):

Mixed Martial Arts Training. Although we still use  forms and kicks taught in more traditional Martial Arts, we are exposing our Students to a variety of styles and techniques, namely Boxing and Muay Thai for striking and Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling for take downs and basic submissions. More than the training itself, we are interested in character-development: Self-confidence, moral behavior, humility, respect, self discipline, courtesy, determination.